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Roof Snow Removal Edmonton

Roof Snow Removal Edmonton is a common service which every house in the area needs in winters. House is the safest and most comfortable place to be in, as long as it’s roof is strong and damage free. And you being Edmontonians are well aware how rough conditions roofs face every single day with changing weather. So it requires proper and timely inspection to check its condition and damages.

Combination of freshly fallen and melting and freezing snow can add stress on the roof of your home. If more than a foot of heavy and wet ice have accumulated on the roof top, you should get it removed by professionals snow removal contractors in Edmonton

Damages caused by snow

  • Leaking roofs- The heavy and wet snow when melts, it finds its way to the interior walls through the damaged parts of roofs.
  • Roof collapse- The accumulated snow adds on extra weight to your roofs which might end up in collapsing of roof.
  • Formation of ice dams- Ice dams occur when a blockage of ice on the edge of a roof prevents meltwater from draining away.
  • Blocked vents or chimneys- If the snow doesn’t fall or melt away it piles up high blocking vents and chimneys causing carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Sliding icicles- The icicles between gutters can slide off while melting and harm your property or individuals around.
    Minimizing the stress from your roof is a greater way to minimize the risk of leaking and collapsing.

Roof Snow Removal Edmonton Equipment

  • Spreaders are both machine and hand operated. These are very useful in putting de- icing material on snow to prevent it from hardening.
  • Snow sweepers are used to clean up all the walkways and sidewalks in one pass reaching even the smallest areas. Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Back pack throwers are very handy effective in removing snow.
  • Snow rakes
  • Heat cables
  • De- icing chemicals

Even if you have a small bit of doubt in your mind regarding whether to get your roof snow removed or not, call us and get it inspected. Contact us for helping you in your roof snow removal.

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